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연애의 발견

결말은 마음에 든다

I am watching Que Sera, Sera and….

did he just try to rape her, hit another woman, violently drag her out by her wrist and then had the audacity to confess to her? and she kisses him in return?!!

abusive men are not romantic.

I was uncomfortable all this time at how he would grab her by her wrist and pull her around even after her trying to get away continuously. the way he would control her in her speech. how he would force his “curiosity” on her making her reveal uncomfortable things. and especially how she would comply and let him win.

this makes me sick.

the person who wrote the screenplay needs to see a therapist.

I am walking out of this drama.

I wish… I could become Han Yeorum and find out what’s going on in her heart.

no you don’t understand, my drama ended today

this is such a rare occurance but I have not one little small thing to critisize about 괜찮아, 사랑이야

it was good from beginning to end

it actually has an ending that doesn’t make me feel like crap wow

I only cried a little bit because it was ending… I can’t believe it is ending…. I don’t want it to end…. fuck….

still cannot judge if it was good or bad that hae soo went into jae yeol’s room…..

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