I wish… I could become Han Yeorum and find out what’s going on in her heart.

no you don’t understand, my drama ended today

this is such a rare occurance but I have not one little small thing to critisize about 괜찮아, 사랑이야

it was good from beginning to end

it actually has an ending that doesn’t make me feel like crap wow

I only cried a little bit because it was ending… I can’t believe it is ending…. I don’t want it to end…. fuck….

still cannot judge if it was good or bad that hae soo went into jae yeol’s room…..

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I CAN’T GET OVER THIS DRAMA WHAT WILL I DO WHEN THE LAST EPISODES AIR AND I WATCH THEM? to distract myself I started watching discovery of romance way too early because I’ve been told it is strong but I cannot even get into it helppp

I'm totally with you on your thoughts on Gong Hyo Jin and That's Ok It's Love. *high five*

I am still in awe at the genius way with which jung jae yeol’s story is being told. there is nothing direct but we already know it all, it’s genius. I can’t believe I took this drama for a light and easy to digest thing. I was so mistaken.

so apparently some people don’t watch 괜찮아, 사랑이야 because they’ve already watched gong hyo jin in other dramas and feel like once or twice is enough while I am here in love with that woman. I wish she was more the standard than a character people watch once or twice and feel it’s too repetitive. honestly I find the standard drama heroine roles way more repetitive. I am only at episode 4 but so far she is portraying a smart woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t live for the attention of men. (except she can’t take the inconsistency of jung jae yeol’s interest for her)

I like her.

also I cry because of jun jae yeol’s “friend”

I hope this drama stays awesome it is very very awesome in many ways

the music, cinematography…

forget 2D, these characters are all 4D

it’s a beatiful symphony of people with deep rooted problems and unconventional relationships

ohhh god, the fact that he threw the stone at the window and the fact that “he” lied about it being a nose bleed, that fact that his current self knew exactly that it was not just a nose bleed and how he hugged “himself” makes me so so so sad

and then his brother…… how he treats his brother……. this drama is a bomb… I hadn’t expected something like this at ALL

ever felt the need to watch drama for the sake of your sanity?